Ed Broner
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about the ARTIST

Ed Broner is a French artist born in Paris.

He started to paint in the late 80´s and was part of the Parisian graffiti subculture, moved in Berlin since a while to focus on paintings. He has published the photo book«Vagabondage» (Hatje Cantz). Ed Broner uses photos and canvases as his personal diary. Especially in his paintings, he highlights the beauty of realness and authenticity, while at the same time honoring the ideas and symbols of modern urban subcultures. In his style, he combines influences from graffiti and contemporary painting as well as from Aboriginal and African art, thus opening a dialogue between “Western” and “non-Western” cultures. In reflecting and often subversively ironizing current aesthetics, Ed Broner asks about the nature of humanity in a postmodern world.


Painter ,born in Paris, France

Part of the Parisian graffiti subculture

Murals painting in Auroville, Pondichery ,India

Murals painting in Douala Cameroun, Africa

Volunteer project and workshop with the aboriginal artist community Yuendumu, Australia.

Curator of the art club united group show for the Art Forum Berlin event with: Jorinde Voigt, Lea Asja Pagenkemper, Denis Rudolph, Jonone, Zevs,Ed Broner atCookies, Berlin, Germany.

Solo show, Russian Culture House, Berlin, Germany.

Group show, Urban Affairs, Berlin, Germany.

Group show “T.A.G les lettres de noblesse”, Palais De Tokyo Museum, Paris,France.

Solo show, gallery GZ, Paris, France.

Solo show “La Bohème”, Morgen Contemporary, Berlin, Germany.

Group show, Morgen Contemporary, Art Context Miami Fair, Miami, USA.
Group show with Olivier Kosta The faine, Ed Broner, Zevs at Albert Benamou Gallery, Paris, France.

Solo show "Into the wild", Morgen Contemporary, Berlin, Germany.
Group show Gz gallery, Paris, France

Solo show "After the fall" Acksel house , Berlin,Germany,
Solo show BP Project , artist run space,Paris, France.

Solo show Berlin art week at Galeries Lafayettes , Berlin, Germany.
Group show ‘’where is Philadelphia’’, Auto Center, Berlin, Germany.

Solo Show ‘’Let It Drip’’, Galerie Federson, Paris, France.

Group show , gallery Joseph, Paris, France.

Berlin Storys 2 "Vagabondage diary", photography book by Ed Broner,Hatje Cantz Publishing

Group Show curated by Artpiq Dusseldorf ,Germany 

Group Show, Paper Works ,Nbb gallery, Berlin, Germany 

Solo show " Culture " , Castanier gallery, Miami, USA

Group show "Contaminations" , Garten gallery ,Como ,Italy
Curator of "Now Now" , group show ,Breach gallery ,Miami USA
Group show "Figurative Samplers ",Des Ny Kastet , Museum , Denemark


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