Edgar Plans
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about the ARTIST

Edgar Plans (Madrid, 1977), categorized as the most popular Spanish contemporary artist, grew up and is now based with his family in the northern Spanish town of Gijón. After earning a degree in Art History from the University of Oviedo, Plans started to participate in small exhibitions in local galleries. As of today, his works have been exhibited in Museums such as the MOMA Museum in Moscow Russia and the Xiao Museum in Rizhao, China.

Curated by Pablo Villazán, Edgar Plans has exhibited in two of the most important museums in the world, the MoMA and the Xiao Comtemporary Museum. He has also collaborated with Pablo Villazán on projects with the Guggenheim Museum NY and the NBA worldwide.

Edgar Plans is a regular record breaker at contemporary art auctions, breaking records again with his first NFT Lil' Heroes project in January 2022.



• My daily news, Booth Diario El Pais, Arco, Madrid.

• I am a dreamer, Xiao Contemporary Art Museum, Rizhao, China.

• Recent works, Solo project, Booth Villazan Gallery, Art Central, Hong Kong.

• Game on, Official NBA 75th Anniversary, HK. 2022

• Game on, Official NBA 75th Anniversary, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

• Drawing time, Villazan Gallery, Madrid. 2021

• The freedom to dream and want to be, MoMa Museum, Moscow.

• Art notes, Villazan Gallery, Madrid

• Tribute to French Literature, Almine Rech Gallery, Paris.

• The power of the Letters Project K11 Museum, Hong Kong.


• Art Notes 019, Ainori Gallery, Lisboa.


• Wall Art Notes, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona.



• Art Dubai, Booth Perrotin Gallery, Dubai.


• Arco 2022, Booth Rafael Perez Hernando Gallery, Madrid.

• VIVA ARTE, The Hyundai Seoul.

• Generation 21, Artcuratorial, Monaco.

• Group Show, Noblesse Collection, Korea. Curated by Pablo Villazan

• Group Show, Perrotin Gallery, Dubai.


• Arco 2021, Booth Rafael Perez Hernando Gallery, Madrid.

• Kawaii, Almine Rech Gallery, Shanghai.

• Group Show, Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels.


Dream Makers, Group Show, Villazan Gallery, New York

• Art on paper NYC, Solo project, Booth Alzueta Gallery, New York


• Art Paris Art Fair, Booth Alzueta Gallery, Paris.

• Art New York. Booth Cuadrada Gallery, New York.

• Kiaf Art Fair. Pigment Gallery in collaboration with Alzueta Gallery, Seoul.

• Art Taipei, Ting Ting art Space, Taipei.


• London Art Fair, Booth Alzueta Gallery, London.

• Juxtapoz magazine selection, Tales of art Gallery, Imola, Italia.

• Art Miami. Booth Alzueta Gallery, Miami.

Works in collections

• Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Habana, Cuba.

• Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias.

• Pinacoteca Eduardo Úrculo.

• Fundación Illuro, Maestros del arte contemporáneo.

• Laboral, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.

• Fundación La Caixa.

• Fundación Cristina Peterson.

• Fundación Masaveu.

• Junta del gobierno del Principado de Asturias.

• Private collections


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