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about the gallery

VILLAZAN is a leading international art gallery representing some of the most influential contemporary artists. Pablo Villazán opened his first gallery for contemporary art in 2015 in New York. 

Today, Villazan employs more than 30 people, and has 5 exhibition spaces across the United States, Europe, and Asia. 

Pablo Villazán is committed to supporting and advancing the legacy of leading international artists. 

The gallery publishes exhibition catalogues, artist monographs and artists books. Also produces catalogues, editions, and goodies, available in Villazan store.

Villazan has developed cultural programming and events with artists, including residencies, children’s workshop, documentaries, and studio visits. 

Villazan participates in multiples art fairs each year, including Art Central, Hong Kong, Kiaf, Seoul, Untitled, Miami beach and WestBund Art & Design, Shanghai.

about pablo villazán

Pablo Villazán is the founder of Villazan Gallery, Villazan LAB and Pablo Villazan Foundation with locations in New York, Madrid, Seoul, and Miami. 

Coming from a very well-respected family that have contributed to the development of the art world during the 20th century. Since they founded their first art gallery in Paris in 1890.  

Pablo Villazán always expressed a great passion and interest for art, but he decided to study Law and Economics. Pablo finished his law degree in Madrid in 1999, he began working as a lawyer for one of the top five international law firms. 

He met the artist Manolo Bonifacio at the opening of one of his exhibitions in Madrid. After a conversation with the artist, he compulsively began to study his work and the work of other artists from the same generation such as Juan Barjola, Manuel Hernández Mompó or the El Paso group. This moment marked a turning point in his professional career, and he began to combine his work as a lawyer with teaching as an art professor at the university. 

The complete turnaround in his career came in September 2012 when on a trip to New York. He dabled into the work of Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Basquiat. His obsession with the cultural movement of New York in the 80s influenced him to make a drastic decision. He left his job in Madrid and moved to New York to earn a master’s degree from The School of Visual Art. This is the same school in which Keith Haring studied. 

Once in New York, he began to collaborate in exhibitions with public organizations and museums such as the Brooklyn museum and The Moma PS1. 

In September 2015, he opened his first art gallery in downtown Manhattan with a show featuring a graphic documentation by Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Grace Jones and Robert Mapplethorpe called "The Incredible Keith". 

Since then Pablo Villazán has become one of the most respected galleries in the international scene. Known for developing  the careers of many of the most world-renowned artists working today, He has built and continues to build private art collections around the world.

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