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about the ARTIST

Adam Handler (1986) was born in Queens NY and grew up on Long Island. As a young child and adolescent, he spent countless hours at his grandparents' framing factory in New York City. There, his passion for the arts grew and it became inevitable that he too would discover the many possibilities of art. Handler studied Life Drawing in Italy and went on to graduate from Purchase College with a major in Art History. He has also studied craft design with Jorge Nieves and printing color photography with Debra Mesa-Pelly. Handler has mounted major solo exhibitions globally. His work has also been shown extensively at major art fairs which include, Art New York, Art Taipei, Art021, DNA Shenzhen, Spring/Break Art Fair and the Armory Fair. In addition, Handler’s work has been included in numerous collective exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada, Middle East, Asia and Europe.


Artelli- Always Near You… Always - Macau, China | 2024

Villazan Gallery- For You- Madrid, Spain | 2023

Gallery JJ- Girl and The Ghost- Seoul, Korea | 2023

Guy Hepner Gallery- Ghost Poems- NYC | 2022

Cohle Gallery- Love Land- Paris, France | 2022

Helwaser Gallery- Hanami Party- NYC | 2022

Granada Gallery- Spanish Hearts- Madrid, Spain | 2022

FNG ART at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall- Near You Someday - Taiwan | 2022

42 Art Space- Solo Booth at DNA Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China | 2022

Caelis Galeria- Parallel Universe- Shanghai, China | 2022

D’Stassi Art- Ghost- London, UK | 2021

Trinity Gallery- Love at First Sight- Seoul, South Korea | 2021

42 Art Space- Sweet Stranger- Beijing, China | 2021

CB Gallery: CUT- Katonah, NY | 2021

Morton Contemporary- Day Dream- Philadelphia, PA | 2021

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- HUG- Scarsdale, NY | 2021

Cohle Gallery- Twinkling Unknowns- Paris, France | 2021

Spring/Break Art Show with CB Gallery- NYC | 2020

D’Stassi Art- London, UK | 2020

Artual Gallery-Under Softer Summer Skies-Beirut, Lebanon | 2019

Janet Lehr Fine Art- New Girls-East Hampton, NY | 2019

Rarity Gallery- Mykonos, Greece | 2019

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- Between Nightmares and Fairy Tales-Scarsdale, NY | 2019

Ober Gallery- Angels Around Here-Kent, CT | 2019

The Lane Contemporary- Things we dream about- Katonah, NY | 2018

One River School of Arts and Design- Smiling Eyes- Harstdale, NY | 2018

Brega Artist Space- Love Sick - Seoul, Korea | 2018

Janet Lehr Fine Art- Sweet Things- East Hampton, NY | 2018

Janet Lehr Fine Art- Art Market Hamptons- Bridgehampton, NY | 2017

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- Rebel, Rebel- Scarsdale, NY | 2017

Maison 10- Sweet Thing- NYC | 2017

Gold Coast Arts Center-Creative Crossroads- Great Neck, NY | 2017

Children's Museum of Westchester- Bat and Ghost paintings- Rye, NY | 2016

The Bendheim Gallery, Adam Handler: Flowers, Gardens and Little Things, Green-wich, CT | 2016

Vered Gallery, Adam Handler: New Works, East Hampton, NY | 2015

Fred Torres Gallery- All Saints Here- NYC | 2015

The Bendheim Gallery and Fred Torres Gallery, How Long Can I Keep You, Greenwich CT | 2015

Fred Torres Gallery- American Children- NYC | 2014

Fountain Art Fair with Monica Buckle Gallery- NYC | 2014

Cutlog Art Fair with Monica Buckle Gallery-NYC |2014

The Bendheim Gallery in association with the Greenwich Art Council-Women paintings- Greenwich, CT | 2013

Vered Gallery- Love Junkies- East Hampton, NY | 2012

Media Loft Gallery- Excitable Boy- New Rochelle NY | 2011

The Bendheim Gallery in association with the Greenwich Arts Council-Born in the 80’s- Greenwich, CT | 2010

Adrian J Falcon Gallery-Words and Lips- Del Rio, TX | 2010

POST Exhibit space-So smile- Calgary, Canada | 2009



One Small Gallery- Warm Winter Night- Boston, Massachusetts

The Hyundai Pangyo- Whats Makes Me Happy (Window Installation)- Seoul, Korea

Eternity Gallery- Art Wynwood- Miami, Florida

Opera Gallery- New Works- Beirut, Lebanon

LOY Contemporary- Dragon Is My Middle Name: Curated by Lexing Zhang- Singapore


Verduyn Gallery- Thread The Needle- Belgium

Caelis Galeria- T & Art Con- Shanghai, China

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary- Palm Beach, FL

Caelis Galeria- Westbund Art Fair- Shanghai, China

Gallery JJ- KIAF-Seoul, Korea

It’s Ready Space- Future Kit- Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Voda Gallery, Curated by The Pit LA- Hidden Mind- Seoul, Korea

Gallery Afternoon- Untitled- Seoul, Korea

Cohle Gallery- When Your Eyes Looked Up-2 Person Show with Ludovic Meyers-Paris

Night Out Gallery- Party People- Tokyo

The Hamptons Fine Art Fair with SM Fine Art- Southampton, NY

BAIK Art- Never Ending Story- Jakarta, Indonesia

Art Moments Jakarta with Gallery Afternoon- Jakarta, Indonesia

Urban Break Art Fair with Gallery Bandi Trazos- Seoul, South Korea

Hello Gallery- Refractions- Tokyo

Caelis Galleria- Musing by the Riverbank- Shanghai

42 Art Space- Summer Group- Beijing


FNG Art- AHAF- Taipei, Taiwan

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art - Art Now - Scarsdale, NY

Urvanity Art Fair with Granada Gallery- Madrid, Spain

Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary -Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- Palm Beach,FL

571 Art Space- The View from the eyes- Hangzhou, China

Mozuku Gallery - Breath - Taiwan

Artual Gallery- The New - Beirut

Volery Gallery - Childhood Memories - Dubai

Cohle Gallery- 3 Person Show with Bijijoo and Zac Yeates- Paris

Morton Contempoary at The Hamptons Fine Art Fair- Southampton, NY

FNG Art- One Art Taipei Art Fair- New Taipei City, Taiwan

Ascaso Gallery- 2 Person Exhibition- Miami, FL

Galerie COA- Papier Art Fair- Montreal, Canada


Art Taipei with FNG Art- Taipei, Taiwan

Gallery Ascend - Satellite Village- Hong Kong

FNG Art- Red Show- Taiwan

WWA Art Expo with Caelis Galeria - Shanghai

The Pit- LA - Run with the wolves - Los Angeles

Cohle Gallery- New Works - Paris

42 Art Space - Ambiguous Identity - Beijing

Maison 10 - Greatest Hits - NYC

Morton Contemporary- Hamptons Fine Art Fair- Southampton, NY

Laputa Art Space- International Survey- Shanghai, China

Cohle Gallery: Summer Group Show- Paris, France

Morton Contemporary- Art Market and Design- Bridgehampton, NY

Uncurated Gallery- WOP- New Mexico

Woaw Gallery- WOP- Hong Kong

Art Why Gallery- WHY ART- Shanghai, China

Cohle Gallery- Lille Art Up!- Lille, France

FNG Art- Blue- Taipei, Taiwan

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- Look Forward, Look Back- Scarsdale, NY

FNG Art- One Art Taipei Art Fair- New Taipei City, Taiwan

Morton Contemporary- Girls and Ghosts- Philadelphia, PA


Granada Gallery- Swab Art Fair- Barcelona, Spain

Cohle Gallery- Beyond the Walls- Paris, France

Rarity Gallery- Mykonos, Greece

Galerie COA- Échafaudage- Montreal, Canada

ZQ Gallery- Needs More Salt- Hamptons Art Fair- South Hampton, NY

Saint Maison Gallery- Blessing in Disguise- Tokyo, Japan


CB Gallery- POW!- Katonah, NY

Janet Lehr Fine Art - The Philadelphia Fine Art Fair- Philadelphia, PA

LC Gallery- Inaugural Exhibition (Adam Handler, Taylor White, Rob Tucker and Jean Philippe Duboscq). Brussels

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- Staging Nature- Scarsdale, NY

Janet Lehr Fine Art- Texas Contemporary- Houston, TX


Janet Lehr Fine Art- Art on the Edge- East Hampton, NY

Art Market Hamptons showing with Janet Lehr Fine Art- Bridgehampton, NY

Maison 10- Top Ten- NYC

Moniker Art Fair showing with Janet Lehr Fine Art- Brooklyn, NY

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- Local/Global-Scarsdale, NY

Artual Gallery- The Urban Experience- Beirut, Lebanon

Untitled Gallery in association with EK Gallery- Dreams of la la land- Los Angeles, CA

The Lane Contemporary- Small works- Katonah, NY

Artual Gallery- Holiday show- Beirut, Lebanon

O’Silas Gallery at Concordia College- Flower Power- Bronxville, NY

Massey Klein Gallery and Groupe- 3 Artists- NYC

Texas Contemporary with Janet Lehr Fine Art- Houston, TX


Artual Gallery- Contemporary Survey- Ivory Coast, Africa

Undercurrent Projects (Curated by Savannah Spirit)-Hotter than July-NYCCheryl Hazan Gallery-Graphic Identity- NYC

Janet Lehr Fine Arts- Art on the Edge- East Hampton, NY

Ober Gallery- Forces of Nature, Kent, CT

ZQ Gallery- Modern Girls- Mana Contemporary- Jersey City, NJ


ZQ Art- Pattern and Symmetry- Mana Contemporary- Jersey City, NJ

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art-Nature Show- Scarsdale, NY

Outsider Art Fair with ZQ Art- NYC

The Bendheim Gallery- ex·is·ten·tial- Greenwich, CT

Context Art Fair with Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- NYC

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- !In with a POP”, Scarsdale, NY

The Bendheim Gallery-Dog Days of Winter- Greenwich, CT

Art Context Miami with Madelyn Jordon Fine Art- Miami, FL


Vered Gallery- Boaz Vaadia and Adam Handler, East Hampton NY


Fred Torres Gallery, Holiday Show, NYC

Fred Torres Gallery, Please don"t stop loving me!, NYC


Vered Gallery- Art On the Edge- East Hampton, NY

Armory Print Fair with Dorianne Hutton Fine Art- NYC

Vered Gallery- Say it with flowers- East Hampton, NY


The Bendheim Gallery- Look who"s here- Greenwich, CT

Vered Gallery- Art on the Edge- East Hampton NY

Spacewomb- NY: Fashion Photography- Long Island City, NY


Vered Gallery- Art on the Edge- East Hamptons NY

6x6 Gallery- Small Works- Long Island City, NY

PooL Art Fair with Veaux gallery- NYCThe Bendheim Gallery-Americana- Greenwich CT

Walter Wickiser Gallery- Confluences of Culture VI: Chelsea NYC-

Walter Wickiser Gallery- Confluences

of Culture III- NYC

Climate Gallery-Never Think SMALL- Long Island City, NY

Lana Santorelli Gallery-Gastronomy- NYC

The Blue Door Gallery-Play it again, Sam- Yonkers NY,

Climate Gallery- Focal Length- Long Island City, NY


Walter Wickiser Gallery -“Grand”- NYC


BA in Art History: State University at Purchase, NY, 2008


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