Franco Fasoli
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about the ARTIST

Born in Buenos Aires in 1981, Franco Fasoli (also known as Jaz) is one of the best known and most talented artists on the Argentinian scene.

A stage designer and muralist, the art of Fasoli, who began using the streets as a canvas at the end of the 1990s, is influenced by his lifelong study of ceramics and the Argentinian capital’s iconic fileteado technique.

Towards the end of the last decade, Franco turned his back on the traditional graffiti lettering and the subsequent representation of musical motifs associated with fileteado to introduce into his work the vivid contradictions of Latin American societies, their rituals and their seemingly perpetual instability.

One of the most striking aspects of his work is its exploration of materials and scale. From large-format paintings in public spaces through to smaller works on bronze and paper, his art feeds on the fluctuation of contexts and resources.

The tension between the dominant global culture and subcultures as spaces of resistance has also influenced him both at the conceptual level and in his actions throughout his career. Multiple forms of individual and collective identity form the sociological backbone of his work.

Represented through conflict, confrontation and discursive juxtaposition, Fasoli does not seek to answer the question but rather to constantly rework the statement, questioning the questioning and returning to question himself.


2014 Art clinic with Diana Aisemberg 

2010-2011 Painting workshop with Nahuel Vecino 

2007- 2010 Painting workshop with con José Marchi 

2000-2006 Scenography – IUNA 

1996-1999 Escuela Nacional de Cerámica 


Summer in paciencia – BC Gallery, Basel. Switzerland | 2021

Memoria y Recuerdo - Galería Wunderkammern, Milan. Italy | 2018

Trampa - Galería Quimera, Buenos Aires. Argentina | 2018

De fuera hacia dentro Galerie Openspace, Paris. France | 2018

Pretensión de grandeza - BC Gallery, Berlin. Germany | 2017

Restos Elsi del Río Gallery, Buenos Aires. Argentina | 2015

Choque Celaya Gallery, Mexico DF. Mexico | 2015  

VínculoBC Gallery, Berlin. Germany | 2014

MilitanciaFiebre Galería, Buenos Aires. Argentina | 2014


Conjuration, Contemplation devices and Enchantments, Genaro Perez Museum, Cordoba, Argentina. 2022

Canart Fair, Volery Gallery, Ibiza, Spain. Jun. 2022

Amphibians, Santander Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mar. 2022 

I  don’t wanna be, I am. Corey Helford, Los Angeles. May. 2022

I  don’t wanna be, I am. Underdogs, Lisbon. April. 2022

I  don’t wanna be, I am. Scope Art Fair, Miami. December. 2021

I  don’t wanna be, I am. Affenfaust, Hamburgo. September. 2021

Adolescence, Studio Cromie, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2021

Arte BA, Galería Quimera, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2021

Flandria, Galería Quimera at Munar arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2021

Cosmoscow art fair, Galería Quimera. Moscow 2021

Salón de pintura at la Casa Nacional del bicentenario, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2021

Urvanity art fair, Magma Gallery, Madrid, Spain 2021

Camino de cintura, Kreisler Gallery, Madrid, Spain 2020. Curated show by Franco Fasoli

101, Montana Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. 2020 (with Fasim, Miss Van, Saner...)

Intimismos, Laca Projects, Charlotte, USA. 2020 (with Octavio Garabello). 3 months artistic residence 

Someone is watching you, Magma Gallery, Bologna, Italy. 2020

iam Friends, Magma Gallery, Bologna, Italy. 2019

Una Historia de la Imaginación en la Argentina, Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019

iam Friends, Galería Kreisler, Madrid, Spain. 2018

Main Street, Hangar 107, Rouen, France. 2018  

Deforme Colectiva, TOBA Gallery, Mexico DF. Mexico, 2017

Theriomorphism III, Galería Kreisler, Madrid. Spain, 2016

Icones Urbaines, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Lyon, France, 2016

Artmosphere. Moscow. Russia, 2016

ProjectM: Connection. Berlin, Germany, 2016

Pioneros de un viaje a ningún lado, Museo Emilio Caraffa. Córdoba, Argentina, 2016

Espacios en desuso, SC Gallery, Bilbao. Spain, 2016 (with Axel Void, Alex Díaz, Saner, Smithe, Sainer, Michael Grudziecki and Sebas Velasco)

Scope Art Fair. Miami. USA, 2015 

Condition, Athen B Gallery. Oakland. USA, 2015 (with Eversiempre, Troy Lovegates y Zio Ziegler)

Swab Art Fair. Barcelona. Spain, 2015

Scope Art Fair. Basel. Switzerland, 2015

Family & Friends, Yo amo 305. Miami. USA, 2014

Latin Explorations, Yves LaRoche Galerie d’Art. Montreal. Canada, 2014

Mediocre, Matiënschon, Club Cultural Matienzo. Buenos Aires. Argentina 2013

The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires, Washington DC. USA 2013

Fuera de la línea, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Rosario. Argentina 2011

Intervenciones urbanas iberoamericanas, Centro Cultural de España, Buenos Aires. Argentina 2010

Collective ShowMuseo Mube, Sao Paulo. Brazil 2010

Ficus repensPalais de Glace, Buenos Aires. Argentina 2008


Art Residency, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 2021

COINCIDÈNCIES Rooftop Residency, Goteborg, Denmark 2022


Mural interventions, art festivals and art events: 

Konex Award, to the merit of "Art in public spaces" Argentina 2022


Público/Privado, Franco Fasoli, Ink and Movement 2019

Street Art Today 2, Bjorn Van Poucke, Ed. Lannoo 2019


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