Maceo Eagle
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about the ARTIST

The work of Artist and Illustrator Maceo Eagle spans a wide variety of subjects and styles. The attribute all of his work shares is a dedication to craft and a vibrant sense of composition and color.  His work manages to be technically detailed while retaining a sense of spontaneity and unbridled creativity, a tribute to his beginnings as a street artist in his native Pacific Northwest.) Now almost 22 years residing in New York, after a five year hiatus in Tokyo, Maceo’s work can be found in both galleries and the advertising world where he has produced illustrations for some of the world’s top brands. In addition to his work as an artist, he was also the founder of renowned Brooklyn lifestyle brand Kinfolk.

The artist's life has been a rich tapestry woven from diverse cultural experiences. Growing up in the vibrant DIY punk scene of Olympia and Seattle, Washington, he delved into skateboarding and graffiti. He later spent years in Tokyo, immersing himself in the worlds of vintage streetwear and high fashion, ultimately founding the multifaceted brand Kinfolk in Tokyo's Naka-Meguro district. Eventually, he made his way back to Brooklyn to open the legendary Williamsburg nightclub and retail space. Throughout his journey, Eagle has consistently centered his life around art and culture, transitioning between the roles of creator and facilitator. Now, in his debut solo exhibition, Eagle confidently steps into the spotlight as an artist.


October 2023 | Solo exhibition "BEHOLDER" at VILLAZAN New York

2021 | Group show "IN BLOOM" at Padre Gallery New York

2018 | Solo exhibition "ESCAPE TO THE PRESENT" at Bookmarc Tokyo


2018 | Book launch "ESCAPE TO THE PAST" at Perrotin New York

2018 | Book launch "ESCAPE TO THE PRESENT" at Bookmarc Tokyo


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