Yang Hyun Jun
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about the ARTIST

Adult Child


 There is a little girl in my work.

 The girl is having a good time enjoying true freedom.

 I dream of my mother like that.

 Then I draw her.

Reminding myself that my mother, who is my friend and someone who protected the family, was a girl before becoming a mother.

The heartbreaking gratitude for mothers that have not been able to have certain experiences is not just my story, but all mothers around the world.

The direction of my work is always directed to my mother in a series of life connected with the past, present, and future.

The childhood in my work has no affection or memories of my father, so it is filled with longing and adoration for my mother.

You cannot stop the flow of time.

I feel that in the flow of time I started out as a child and it continues to form who I am today.

My work is based on humanism, which has been recreated through a medium of family, and I have consistently worked with this subject since 2013.

The image derived from the imagination of humanism that appears in my work is the theme of family.

One of the main characteristics of the work is that the image of a family appears through the subject of a mother, among which the girl represents the mother and an animal that appears with her represents me.

To become an animal and be with my mother who has become a little girl is a virtual space that can not exist in reality, and it reflects my environment growing up, as well as the meanings of a family such as connection, protection, stability, and not protection.

I wanted to demonstrate that the reason for life exists in the fact that we live together with others even though we may seem to be alone. I also wanted to contemplate the importance of family, which can act as a strong fence or a resting place in the harsh and difficult world.

As such, family for me turns from a group of people to a place of relaxation and purification as well as ashield where my mother is in the center when going through tough times.

The girl who appears in my work imagines reuniting with her mother in the same space as a friend.

In reality, my mother is a lady that works at the market, but in my work and imagination, she will always remain a girl who has a lot of freedom.

This is the image of my friend, my mother.

Yang hyun jun (February 1980)

1996 The graduation of Korean art painting at Busan Silla University

2009 Graduated from Silla University Graduate School

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Solo Exhibition'Adult Chid (Adult and Child)’ (HEE GALLERY/ Yangsan,Korea)

2021 Solo Exhibition'Adult Chid (You are my hero)’ (JEEUM GALLERY/ Hong Kong)

2021 Solo Exhibition'Adult Chid (I am your mother)’ (PADRE GALLERY/ New York)

2020 Solo Exhibition 'AdultChid (I am your mother)’ (gallery jeon/ Daegu , Korea)

2019 Solo Exhibition'Adult Chid (accompany)’ (jiso gallery / Daejeon, Korea)

2018 Solo Exhibition'Adult Chid' (gallery jeon/ Daegu ,Korea)

2017 Solo Exhibition 'AdultChid' (gallery DAEHYUN/ Busan ,Korea)

2014 Solo Exhibition 'AdultChid' (gallery Montmartre/ Busan ,Korea)

2009 Solo Exhibition 'unwrap agift' (gallery goeun/ Busan ,Korea)

2008 Master's degree chargeExhibition (GEUMJEONG Cultural Center/ Busan ,Korea)

2009 Solo Exhibition 'unwrap agift' (gallery goeun/ Busan ,Korea)



2020 Korea Galleries Art Fair2020 (COEX C Hall/ Seoul ,Korea)

2019 ART JEJU 2019 (Maison GladJeju hotel/ Jeju ,Korea)

2019 Daegu Art Fair (EXCO/ daegu, Korea)

2019 Hotel show (KINTEX 7 Hall/ ilsan ,Korea)

KIAF ART SEOUL 2019 (COEX A Hall/ Seoul ,Korea)

K Auction (Auction / Seoul ,Korea)

Seoul Modern Art Show (AT center/ Seoul ,Korea)

AHAF seoul 2019 (Gand InterContinental Seoul Parnas/Seoul ,Korea)

Hotel Art Fair in Daegu 2019 (hotel laonzena 14F/ daegu ,Korea)

Art Busan 2019 (bexco/ Busan ,Korea)

Korea Galleries Art Fair 2019 (COEX C Hall/ Seoul ,Korea)

The ARTery (Marina bay sands/ Singapore)

2018 Art Jeju 2018 (Maison GladHotel /Jeju ,Korea)

Daegu Art Fair 2018 (EXCO/ Daegu, Korea)

2018 KIAF (COEX B Hall/ Seoul,Korea)

ART BUSAN 2018 (bexco/ Busan,Korea)

The Corso Hotel Art Fair2018-Ulsan (Lotte Hotel No 705/ Ulsan ,Korea)

HARBOUR ART FAIR 2018 (MarcoPolo Hong kong Hotel 12F/ Hong kong)

2018 Living Culture Art Fair(Shinsegae deparment B2/ Busan ,Korea)

Chemical Reactions 3 (Kobespace31/ Japan)

RMUTL international ART WORKSHOP 2018 (rajmangala university/ Thailand)

2017 Silla university AlumniExhibition 2017 (Busan Cultural Center/ Busan ,Korea)

Express showers Exhibition 2017(Ulsan Cultural Center/ Ulsan ,Korea)

Young Artist Exhibition"stage14" (livein gallery/ Busan ,Korea)

ART BUSAN 2017 (BEXCO / Busan,Korea)

Daegu Hotel Art Fair 2017(novotel Ambassador 15,16F/Daegu ,Korea)

Korea-Thailand InternationalExchange Exhibition (livein gallery/ Busan ,Korea)

Yang hyun-jun, Jung an-young'everyone's face' (gallery chaeum/ Busan ,Korea)

2017 KIAF (COEX B Hall/ Seoul,Korea)

Ra-yun Exhibition (Geumnyeonsan gallery/ Busan ,Korea)

Daegu Art Fair 2017 (EXCO/ Daegu, Korea)

2016 Ra-yun Exhibition (Sillaart Street/ Busan ,Korea)

Mix & Matching Exhibition(gallery is/ Seoul ,Korea)

Express showers Exhibition(Ulsan Cultural Center/ Ulsan ,Korea)

2016 Affordable Art Fair(gallery jeon/ Singapore)

Silla university AlumniExhibition (Busan Cultural Center/ Busan ,Korea)

Art Gyeongju 2016 (Hico/Gyeongju ,Korea)

Affordable Art Fair HongKong2016 (HongKong)

ART BUSAN 2016 (BEXCO / Busan,Korea)

33 persons Languages (Light ArtGallery/ Pohang ,Korea)

Montmartre is ! (galleryMontmartre/ Busan ,Korea)

Hotel Art Fair in Daegu (HoteJenna Raon 11,12F /Daegu ,Korea)

Art Jeju 2016 (Lotte Hotel/ Jeju,Korea)

Art...ing (Y GALLERY/ Seoul,Korea)


Insadong fruit (GALLERY M/ Seoul,Korea)

Busan Exhibition of YoungArtists (Busan Cultural Center/ Busan ,Korea)

Affordable Art Fair Seoul 2016(DDP/ Seoul ,Korea)

Nice to meet you! Animal Friends(GS Caltex Yeul Maru/ Yeosu ,Korea)

Daegu art Fair 2016 (EXCO/ Daegu,Korea)


2015 BNK Financial Group YoungArtists Exhibition (gallery BNK/ Busan, Korea)

rock & roll Exhibition(gallery woojin/ Junju ,Korea)

Daesan Museum Special Exhibition(Daesan Museum/ Chang won ,Korea)

Good communication (VINO CITYrestaurant/ Busan ,Korea)

The Grand hospital (gallery forest/ Gimhae ,Korea)

Insadong Summer Exhibition(gallery M/ Seoul ,Korea)

EMOTION Exhibition (Silla artStreet/ Busan ,Korea)

Hidden Track (Beomeo Art Street/daegu ,Korea)

2014 narae Exhibition(Gongpyeong art gallery/ Seoul ,Korea)

Ra-yun Exhibition (galleryMontmartre/ Busan ,Korea)

narae summer Exhibition (Haeunart gallery / Busan ,Korea)

Busan Young Artists Exhibition(Busan Cultural Center/ Busan ,Korea)

Gallery Exhibition (gallery Dasom/ Busan ,Korea)

December miracle Exhibition(gallery Jwacheonmom/ Busan ,Korea)

60th Silla university AlumniExhibition (gallery Miro/ Busan ,Korea)

2013 spring InternationalContents Artists Exhibition (gallery DIO/ Busan ,Korea)

Young artists summer exhibition(gallery M/ Seoul ,Korea)

Young artists summer exhibition2 (gallery DODO/ Busan ,Korea)

2nd BFAA Art Festival (BEXCO l/Busan ,Korea)

2012 Silla university AlumniExhibition (Busan Cultural Center/ Busan ,Korea)

Korea China Art Exchange ArtFair (Yanbian Art gallery/ China)

Ra-yun Exhibition (city hall/Busan ,Korea)

narae Exhibition (gallery M/Seoul ,Korea)

POHANG INTERNATIONAL ARTFESTIVAL (Pohang Cultural Center/ Pohang ,Korea)

2011 Ra-yun Exhibition (cityhall/ Busan ,Korea)


Busan Art Festival Young artistsExhibition (BS gallery/ Busan ,Korea)

2010 The Festival of BusanKorean Painting (Gallery Jeonhyeyoung/ Busan ,Korea)

Life & Survival Images(U.square Cultural Center/ Gwangju ,Korea)


I Love you Exhibition(Edenvally/ Yangsan ,Korea)

Busan Festival of Lights (SongdoBeach/ Busan ,Korea)


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