Edgar Plans, Samuel Salcedo, Tania Marmolejo & Yang Hyun Jun




October 19 - October 22, 2023

Estampa Art Fair

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VILLAZAN is delighted to present its first participation to Estampa Madrid 2023 with a curated selection of new works by international contemporary artists Edgar Plans, Samuel Salcedo, Tania Marmolejo and Yang Hyun Jun.

Edgar Plans (Madrid, 1977) is one of the most popular Spanish artists, recognized mainly for his "Animal Heroes", apparently innocent characters yet deeply involved in the fight against social injustice. On this occasion Plans has created two works evoking artistic creation and those moments of reflection that occur at coffee time.

The Spanish sculptor Samuel Salcedo (Barcelona, 1975) creates mainly human figures made of different materials that allow him to observe the passage of time as a result of the modifications that the surface of the sculptures suffer, cracking, oxidation, etc. So far, Salcedo's sculptures have always kept their eyes closed, but this is the first time they have opened their eyes. Two pairs of sculptures, one in concrete and the other in iron, create a dialogue as one has its eyes open and the other has its eyes closed. This is the result of the artist's influence by Egyptian and African sculpture, which lets him to establish a dialogue between a thinking space and a representation space.

The Swedish-Dominican-American artist born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1975, Tania Marmolejo has created for this occasion three paintings inspired by the virgins of the processions in Spain, in their expressions and faces, and modernizing them - bringing them to the modern times in the faces of young women who could be any girl. The artist has brought these deep feelings into the everyday, where by looking at them the viewer can wonder what they are thinking, what could be driving them to these exhilarating and overwhelming feelings. "It is my way of tying the past with the present, religion with the intimately human, and particular culture with the universal," declares the artist.

South Korean artist Yang Hyun Jun (b. 1980) is based on very personal aspects of his mother's life and sacrifices, expressing feelings of regret and apology through the symbol of a little girl. The artist has created for this occasion two drawings inspired by the popular culture character "Friday" with a paper bag on her head, hiding part of her identity. The second work is based on the work "Man in a Bowler Hat" 1964 by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.

The booth showcases different but very special works and will be on view at Ifema Madrid from October 19th to October 22nd, 2023.





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