Yang Hyun Jun



Campoamor 17

July 6 - July 29, 2023

Playful moments

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VILLAZAN is pleased to present Yang Hyun Jun’s second solo exhibition titled “Playful moments” featuring new works from the "Adult Child" series through which he explores the relationship with his mother as a foundation for the creation of his works.

Yang Hyun Jun (b. 1980) was born and raised in Busan, Korea. He earned a BFA in Korean Art Painting from Busan Silla University in 1996, and in 2009 a PhD in Fine Arts from Silla University Graduate School of Fine Arts. Hyun Jang's works have been exhibited in multiple solo exhibitions and have participated in a variety of group exhibitions worldwide. Over the past two decades, he has participated in numerous art fairs and received awards for his works.

Drawing upon deeply personal aspects of his mother's life and sacrifices, he expresses feelings of regret and apology through the symbol of a young girl. The presence of the girl in the work establishes a direct connection to the artist's mother, while also embodying the ambiguity inherent in ever-changing representations that transcend time and space.

The essence of his work is characterized by simplicity and clarity. It transcends language barriers, life experiences and cultural backgrounds, as the connection and universal empathy we share revolves around the concept of motherhood. Through his works, the artist captures the different stories, allowing a consensus among viewers to be formed in a boundless and indeterminate scope.

The presence of contemporary brands and toys in the work encourages a sense of communication and empathy through the multifaceted portrayal of both the child and the mother. In addition, the presence of bears and objects in the work symbolizes the artist's desire to protect and care for her mother as she matures.

The artist demonstrates that through play people can imagine and express themselves freely without the limitations of reality. Play, as a form of mimesis, moves away from reality and enters the realm of fiction, communicating human narratives. Within the artist's work, the concept of play has an important aesthetic value. 

Although the exhibition's title gives a joyful and carefree feeling, it hides emotional aspects related to a mother's love and longing, as well as to the girls' growth and self-education.

"It is intuitively pleasant and playful, but after realizing its hidden meaning, you can feel something that is not real beyond the visible iconography, but touches the heart” states Hyun. With this exhibition, the artist believes that in some works are hidden some fragments that may remind us of our mother. The artist's intention to engage with the works on a personal level encourages the viewers to become involved in his vision of the world through his own creativity and imagination.

Yang Hyun Jun's exhibition "Playful moments" will run from July 6th through July 29th at VILLAZAN.


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