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June 2 - June 20, 2022


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about the ARTIST

VILLAZAN LAB is pleased to present "DESCUBRIMIENTOS", an exhibition featuring new paintings by Leonardo that have never before been shown in an exhibition. The presentation also marks the artist's first exhibition with the gallery in Madrid.

The young but extraordinary 8 years-old artist Leonardo takes us through this exhibition to a journal of one year discoveries and to a didactic adventure that offers us the chance to experience the world from the perspective of an 8 years-old child.

Leonardo's paintings and drawings give an insight into his personal growth and development. The shapes and lines are getting cleaner but his vision is still wonderfully distant from reality. Fantasy keeps narrating the stories of his paintings and the colors, the figures and the space representation come out of the imagination and creativity of the young artist Leonardo.

The colorful universe of Leonardo, who has already been exhibited in galleries in Asia and Europe, takes its inspiration from the tales he reads, the cartoons he sees, his toys and his lessons at school. In this exhibition we can find drawings from cartoons like the pink panther or bugs bunny, toys like legos, what he learns at school, such as the alphabet, numbers, flags, etc.

“Descubrimientos”  is an exhibition that takes us to our inner child, the place where everything is funnier, disproportionate and different. Leonardo is not only copying what he sees and learns, but in his daydreams there are giants using computers and watches and animals having fun while swapping their appearances.

For Leonardo everything is new and everything is possible.

The exhibition will be open at VILLAZAN LAB until June 20th.

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