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June 23 - July 23, 2022


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about the ARTIST

VILLAZAN LAB is pleased to present "PROCESS", an exhibition featuring new paintings by BIJIJOO that have never before been shown in an exhibition. The presentation also marks the artist's first exhibition with the gallery in Madrid.

Michael Todd Horne, better known as Bijijoo (nickname/preferred name: B), is a PhD in chemistry (biophysics), experimentation and research, which had always been important aspects of his entire creative process. The title of the exhibition refers to this aspect, that experimental process of creation as the artist defines it:

“My art studio is like a science laboratory. I am constantly experimenting with techniques and material combinations to achieve visual and textural effects. My work incorporates chaotic processes that feed into image development: paint flows, texturing, media layers, image translations. The work is also driven by my drawing practice, most of which is done digitally. While drawing, I strive to open up and find joy in the act of creating: for me this leads to authentic image discovery. With every new painting I learn something new about myself and my process. The process itself is the concept explored in the works presented here: evolution and the interplay of physical and digital, human and animal, conscious and unconscious. Oscillations around an ever-changing equilibrium".

Bijijoo’s paintings result from process-driven experimentation with painting media and automatic drawing, using traditional and digital techniques. He builds mixed media layers to amplify interplays of light, color, and texture. Images are conjured from chaos, in a process akin to divination. The forms that take shape trend toward human and animal: grotesque exaggerations of life, monstrous cartoons, vanitas. Narratives emerge through these interactions, reflecting struggle, celebration, and introspection. The results depict experiences, interactions, and movements frozen in a personal space and time.

The exhibition will be open at VILLAZAN LAB until July 23.

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