February 23, 2023
Orietta Ibarrondo Gelardin

Presenting VILLAZAN's project with El PAIS at Arco Madrid 2023, booth 7C29, where one of our star artists, EDGAR PLANS, will be exhibiting his unmistakable style in a group of works where he creates his own universe.

It was over a year ago when I started working together with EL PAÍS on an artistic proposal for their booth at ARCO 2023. My vision was based on a multidisciplinary artist, with whom we could show different techniques and artistic expressions for a specific theme. Immediately, I presented the project to Edgar Plans who was enthusiastic about the idea, so we started working!

ARCO 2023 BOOTH 7C29

Who is Edgar Plans? For those who don’t know, he is probably the most popular Spanish contemporary artist at the moment. Born in Madrid in 1977, he is now based in the north of Spain, in Gijón, where his studio is located. His works are mostly composed of exceptional playful imagery through which he channels the innocence and optimism of children. 

In 1995 he rented a studio and shared it with other artists. He began painting in a ‘semi-professional way’ and started looking for exhibitions. He painted nonstop, seven days a week, didn’t go on holiday, and kept experimenting with colours and media. Edgar will always carry a notebook with him wherever he travels to be able to draw sketches and put down his ideas. 

His routine is based upon waking up at dawn, then walking or cycling to his studio where he is inspired by nature and likes to start thinking and organizing his ideas for the day ahead. In fact, as cycling is one of his favourite hobbies, he likes to portray it in his painting and has become a recurrent theme. ‘If I have my coffee, my bike moments, my daughter and a beer in the balcony when I finish work, that is what makes me happy.’ 


Today, after a lot of effort and having gone through multiple stages, the project has come true. 

I invite you to visit the EL PAÍS booth at Arco Madrid 2023 art fair (7C29) and to enjoy our proposal, where the artistic versatility of Edgar Plans has gone far beyond the original approach by creating his own universe in which painting, sculpture, drawing, and digital art come together.

I want to thank the commendable work of the more than 15 professionals at El PAÍS team (coming from EL PAÍS, El País Semanal, S Moda, Babelia, and ICON) with whom I have worked directly and to highlight their dedication to my team and myself.

I would also like to thank the VILLAZAN team and, above all, a huge thank you to the great artist Edgar Plans, with whom I am fulfilling dreams and challenges, someone to keep on dreaming with.

Edgar Plans | My daily news | mixed media on canvas | 280x250cm | 2022-23