January 30, 2023
Music Through The Paintings Of Ed Broner
Paula Latiegui

The artist Ed Broner has grown up with graffiti and music. In this press article we will talk about his history and favourite bands through his work.

Our artist Ed Broner knows how to bring art beyond the paintbrush, and this is why in most of his paintings we can find nods to other branches such as fashion and, above all, music. 

Ed Broner "Nina Hagen", 2022. Photo: Ed Broner

Ed Broner began his artistic career as a graffiti artist, hence the suburban style that is part of his essence. Growing up without real parents, he became interested in different cultures, which shaped him into the artist he has become. In the 1990s he travelled to Africa and India, where he painted with different artists and ended up staying with a community of Aboriginal artists in the Northern Territories of Australia to learn about them. In the 2000s he found in Berlin what he missed about Paris, a city that encouraged and promoted its artists everywhere.

Ed Broner instagram photo accompanied by the caption: "You can be someone in the streets but a nobody in the art world."

We want to start the week by bringing together several of his works in which he goes from heavy metal to hip hop, rock and even k-pop. All through the T-shirts that dress his characters with such an urban style and an unrepeatable colour palette that leaves no one indifferent.

Ed Broner "ACDC", 2022
Ed Broner "Lady Gaga", 2022
Ed Broner "The Kills", 2022
Ed Broner "BTS", 2022
Ed Broner "2 Pac", 2022