January 5, 2023
Sotheby's will open its Maison in the heart of Hong Kong in 2024 to celebrate art and luxury all year round
Paula Latiegui

Sotheby's will inaugurate a new multifunctional home in Hong Kong in 2024, open for the public to instantly enjoy art and luxury

Sotheby's announces for 2024 the upcoming opening of its Hong Kong maison, an incredible new 24,000 square foot space at the nexus of the city that has been the company's Asian headquarters for half a century. Specifically, it will be located in Landmark Chater, the core of Hong-Kong's luxury districtat street level and will be accessible to the public all year round.

It will be located in Landmark Chater - the core of Hong-Kong's luxury district
Location of the new maison Sotheby's in the heart of Hong Kong
© Derry Ainsworth. Photo: Sotheby's

The multifunctional home will be a large, state-of-the-art exhibition space showcasing the full range of Sotheby's offerings - from auctions, private sales and exhibitions of the company's most iconic masterpieces, to works of art and luxury collectibles available for purchase on the spot through Sotheby's new Buy Now platform. The new location will bring a much closer relationship with the client, supported by a sales calendar that will extend throughout the year, with live auctions held on-site. In addition, a Sotheby's café concept will be the icing on the cake of this global experience.

The new location will bring a much closer relationship with the client

Nathan Drahi, the Managing Director of Sotheby’s in Asia has declared “We are thrilled to be lodging Sotheby’s in its dazzling new maison in Hong Kong. Echoing the all-encompassing way of life that is testament to our near three-century-old company heritage, Sotheby’s new space will embody our vision for a widely accessible, immersive and truly integrated destination for the world’s most extraordinary objects and experiences.”

Auction moment at Sotheby's New York salesroom. © Sotheby's. Photo: ARTnews.

2022 has been a successful year for Sotheby's in Asia with auction sales of $1.1 billion, equalling the company's all-time record in 2021. As such, the company's expansion in the city comes at the same time as the opening of new facilities in Shanghai on the Suzhou River next year, as well as the opening of a new office in Tokyo last year, the hosting of its first auction in Singapore in 15 years and the holding of its first major international exhibition in Vietnam. The year also saw new appointments in mainland China, South Korea and Thailand, as well as the recent expansion of Sotheby's Buy Now in Hong Kong to enable collectors to acquire art and luxury collectibles through an intuitive digital platform throughout the year.