November 14, 2022
The Giza pyramids welcome contemporary art in the Forever Is Now exhibition
Paula Latiegui

The Pyramids of Giza are hosting an international contemporary art exhibition for the second time in their 4,500-year history, continuing the exhibition of Art d'Égypte: Forever Is Now.

The second edition of Art d'Égypte: Forever Is Now in Giza Pyramids proposes a reflection on time and timelessness, earth and history, ecology and humanity, presenting contemporary artworks alongside the impressive pyramids.

By placing a contemporary artistic legacy in such a globally important place for history,

the exhibition projects a future linked to a profound knowledge of the past, but at the same time reminds us that there is no time without the present.

The pyramids express the connection between the terrestrial and the celestial, built in alignment with the rising and setting sun; they also point to a cycle of death and rebirth and the paths from one world to another.

Emilio Ferro "Portal of Light", 2022. Corten Steel Structure 1: 0.65m x 0.65m x 2.60m. Structure 2: 1.46m x 0.40m x 2.85m. © ART D'ÉGYPTE
Seeking to embody this idea, Art d'Égypte has brought together eleven universal artists who, using natural materials to produce their large-scale works of art, succeed in complementing the ancient landscape.

From the Middle East and North Africa region, the exhibition features artists such as the Emirati multimedia artist Zeinab Alhashemi, Saudi artist Mohammad Alfaraj and Egyptian sculptors Therese Antoine and Ahmed Karaly. Works by the British-American sculptor Natalie Clark, the Italian light and sound artist Emilio Ferro, the Cameroonian artist Pascale Marthine Tayou, the Swedish visual artist with Syrian origins Jwan Yosef, the anonymous Spanish artist SpY, the French-Tunisian artist eL Seed and the French street artist JR, who repeats in this second edition, are also present.

eL Seel, 2022. Metal sculpture, 2.76 m x 4.64 m. © ART D'ÉGYPTE.

Forever is Now II will be on view at the Pyramids of Giza, outside Cairo, until November 30, presenting us the perfect moment to organize a trip to the cradle of civilization.