November 29, 2022
VILLAZAN in Miami Art Week 2022
Paula Latiegui & Claire Joiris

On November 28th, the presentation of Edgar Plans' large-scale sculptures was officially inaugurated on the occasion of Miami Art Week, as part of Art Basel's VIP program.

Miami is the summer city par excellence, with its long palm trees and endless activities by the sea, but it is also the global contemporary art summit held every December through the Art Basel Fair and its numerous parallel projects and programs. This Art Basel edition brings together 283 galleries from 38 different countries (more than half of the works come from South and North America, according to information provided by the organization).

It's been 20 years since Art Basel was first held and each edition has covered more art than the previous one. This time neither the covid nor the war in Ukraine have been able to get in the way, and visitors are enjoying almost 30% more stands than in previous years. The fair will run from December 1 to 3, although from November 29 to 30 the preview will be open to collectors, gallery owners, artists, specialized press and VIP guests.

It's been 20 years since Art Basel was first held and each edition has covered more art than the previous one.
Art Basel Miami. © Art Basel

VILLAZAN had the pleasure of being part of Art Basel's vip program, showing the project of the acclaimed international artist Edgar Plans: two large-scale sculptures featuring the big "Little Martian" innocently representing the conquest of space and a basketball player as a tribute to the legendary Lakers team.

Edgar Plans installation view of the big "Little Martian" and "LeBron James", 2022, basketball player large-scale sculptures at Miami Art Week for Art Basel's vip program. © VILLAZAN

Edgar Plans was born in Madrid and it is on its walls and sidewalks where he has his first memories of painting. The years have passed and the street are part of his studio, where he continues to seek his own path knowing that is not separated from his taste for urban art and the creation of characters which mix heroes and animals “es un arte que veo muy libre, como cuando los niños crean” (it's an art that I see very free, like when children create) explains Edgar.

Edgar Plans, "Big Little Martian", 2022. © VILLAZAN
Edgar Plans, "LeBron James", 2022. © VILLAZAN