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Limited-edition washable rug "Artist in you"
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VILLAZAN store is proud to present the limited-edition washable rug "Artist in you" by Edgar Plans in collaboration with Lorena Canals.

This 200 x 300 cm rectangular rug is hand-tufted, featuring a collection of Edgar's scribbles and creatures in dark grey wool on cotton canvas, and tinted with non toxic dyes, with accent colors in various shades of pink, yellow, red, and green. On the rug, you can find handcrafted details from Edgar's universe, such as a raised basketball, an embroidered rainbow extending from the rug, and various characters.

Each rug comes with an embroidered number on the reverse side.

Along with the rug, you'll find an exclusively handcrafted textile book made from the same fabric as the rug, showcasing Edgar's designs and his universe.

Additionally, the rug comes with a special tote bag, and it's shipped in an exclusive wooden box featuring the EDGAR PLANS x LORENA CANALS logo.

Each rug comes with an exclusively handmade textile book made from the same fabric as the rug, serving as a quality certificate, that illustrates the collaboration process between Lorena Canals and Edgar Plans, and their two universes - painting and textiles.

Every one of the books has been meticulously crafted and stitched, and it comes with a textile-tipped pencil, resembling the ones used by the artist during his creative process, evoking the concept of painting his designs with textiles.

Additionally, the rug comes with a special Edgar Plans x Lorena Canals tote bag.

The rug is showcased at the S2A Museum in Seoul as part of the solo exhibition presented by the artist under the title ‘IN MY COFFEE TIME’, from August 31st to November 29th, 2023.

Sold Out
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• Size: Rug: 200 x 300 cm | Wooden crate: 228 x 30 x 28 cm
• Materials: Wool & recycled cotton.

• Limited-edition of 250
• Numbered with a wool & cotton book

Price: 3.500,00 EUR

Free shipping for Spain, France and Portugal.

Taxes not included

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